Android: Developers making money with Android

Today I want to talk about independed developers that are making money with the Android platform.
These developers have desided to share their experiances publishing apps and monetizing them.
The blogs are fun to read and can give new developers some great tips on publishing their apps.


One of the most successful developers in this list. At this point the developer has published 6 apps, most of them have a great install base.
His current goal for 2012 is to reach $10.000 income. This blog should be a great motivation for all Indie developers to start creating apps for Android.

KreCi, Independent Developer

This blog is the reason many developers are now blogging about their income.
The developer’s main focus are simple prank apps. This developer proofs you do not need to code large complex apps to make money with Android.
He also wrote a short (24 pages) e-book covering his experiences. Note at a price of $20,- this e-book might be a bit expensive, and most of the information can be found on the blogs linked in this post. But if you want the information in a compact form and do not care too much about the price it is a welcome extra read.
I Want to put a extra thanks to this developer for his WordPress stats app, I use it almost daily.

Making Money With Android

This developer started posting his income reports in 2011. Follow his goal to reach $1000,- a month income.
David (the developer) does not have a main focus when it comes about developing apps. But this variaty in apps does give a good insight on how to pick successfull concepts. At the end of 2011 David started a forum for Android developers, this forum is expanding daily and I highly recommend any indie Android developer to join.
Click here to visit the forum


One of the youngest blogs in this list, Quakatoo started blogging in December of 2011. He has published the awesome game Recombustor, which I highly recommend all Android phone owners to download and play. Follow this developer in his quest to make his game(s) a great success.


This developer focuses on party and festival apps. He started developing for Android in march 2011 and at this moment has published 3 apps. I really like the out of the box concepts of this developer and I’m eager to see what his next app will be.

So there you have it, five great blogs for you to follow and give you motivation to start publishing apps for the Android platform.

8 thoughts on “Android: Developers making money with Android

  1. Hey Martin, thanks for the mention. There’s some great variety in the list here. It’s good to see developers with so many different ideas getting out there and giving it a go.

    1. I’ll check out your site.
      More and more developers are blogging about their income with mobile development, I might do an update post about the topic in the future.

  2. Its good to see that android developers are making money with their android apps…. Talent and creativity is the major qualitiess which a developer must possess.

  3. This is a GREAT article. Being a web/android developer I have experienced all of the above. I am not as put off on the subscription changes that Apple laid down, but that is a sermon for another Sunday. Basically, it is because Apple does listen occasionally and reverses their decisions.

    The best part of the article that I took away, and EVERY developer needs to remember this is: “If you are relying on someone else’s infrastructure, you are a digital share cropper.”
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