Design basics

Measurements (Also recommended read for Android developers)

Creating your own Android app: From vision to reality

Part 1 – Concept
Part 2 – Planning
Part 3 – Design
Part 4 – Development
Part 5 – Changes
Part 6 – Publishing

Android how to’s

How to use a custom font
Adding a change log dialog to your app
ICS crash when using managedQuery() function
How to use a join with SQLite
How to create a “Rate this app” button
Filling a table from resource file using xml (SQLite)
Filling a table from resource file using string array (SQLite)
How to create a feedback button
Using joins with a provider (SQLite)
Default field value and showing it as hint in edittext
OnClickListener tutorial

Android Tips and tricks

Get the current date and time
Get the app version number
Fix keyboard support in the Android emulator
Hide the title bar in your application
How to make your app look better


XML UTF8 encoding/streaming problems (trash characters)
How to add a script reference at runtime
Store User Id and other information in Context.User.Identity
Using sessions in a webmethod
Using sessions in a generic handler


Scrolling text label component
Quick pixel routine

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