Logo designs

As some of my readers know I love to work on designs. In this post I want to share a few concept logos I have created over the last months. Not all of these end up being used for the products, but I like them anyway. :)


This is a concept logo for the Android app Lux. The logo uses the font Oxygen that is modified specially for this logo. The sun is a slightly modified version of the current app icon to fit the logo. The logo slightly luminates, that’s a reference to the fact that it is for a brightness control app.
Lux concept logo

Debt tracker

This logo is made for the Android app Debt tracker. The logo features a script feel that is processed trough into the feature graphic. It’s made to have a more personal touch. The script font is Janda Quick Note from Kimberly Geswein. And the Sans Serif font is Open Sans. I Ran out of time with this logo and I would change it a little if I would have more time, but I still like it the way it is now.
Debt tracker concept logo

Note l!st

This is the logo for my Android app Note l!st. This one took a lot of time to create. I Have done many concepts before adding the pencil in the logo. The logo had to be recognized as a logo for a note taking app and I think it does. The main font used is Spinnaker which is modified for this logo. It uses the orange color that was a feature in the previous logos for the app and has brought back the pencil that I designed for the first icon of the app. The slogan had to have a personal touch but at the same time I wanted to keep the clean look of the sans serif font used as main font. So I end up used a handwritten sans serif font called KG Part of Me
Note l!st logo


This is a concept logo for a Dutch company. It’s designed to give a more friendly feel. It’s part of a concept redesign I made for their product. The redesign was based on the modern UI look from Windows 8 and so the logo uses the Segoe font family.
Powerforms concept logo

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