Making of Springtime

In my previous post I showed an illustration I had done earlier this year called “Springtime”. I Thought it would be nice to show a little bit the progress of making my illustrations.

The illustration is based on two characters I created earlier last year. The girl is called Marie, which I had created for a story I wanted to make (still hoping I can do this some day) The big character is an monster called Bob. Bob is Marie’s friend and has it’s own quirks. At first I had not put Bob and Marie together, I had created Bob when I was drawing some monsters for fun. But when I wanted to get a scale of how big Bob would be I made a drawing of Marie next to Bob and they just seem to fit. :)

Drawing of Marie
Drawing of Marie

Drawing of Bob with a party hat
Drawing of Bob with a party hat

Sadly I did not made pictures of the all of the progress of the illustration for “Springtime”. For this illustration I made a pencil sketch, which I transferred to watercolor paper using a light box. After I had transferred the image on watercolor paper with a pencil I used a waterproof fineliner to create the outlines for the drawing. The next step was to color the illustration with watercolors.

Pencil sketch for the "Springtime" illustration
Pencil sketch for the “Springtime” illustration

I Hope you liked the final illustration and this small look into my proces of creating it.

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