Tree on a hill

I Think the colors turned out nice on this one. The drawing is based on a tree which was in front of me a while back when I was sitting on a bench in the park. Watercolor & Pen painting

My Drawing Prompt Generator

I’ve been working on a fun little project earlier this year that I want to share with you. It is a website that generates fantasy themed drawing prompts. You can use it if you are looking for an idea for something to draw.

The art of My Neighbor Totoro book review

I Have a bookshelve full of awesome art books and I thought it would be nice to write a little about them here on my blog. I decided the best way to share my thoughts about these books is by writing a short review on them. In this review I…

Old Verkade card collecting books

I Recently got a series books from my grandfathers collection. I Found that these books contain really awesome illustrations and overall have an interesting background story that I wanted to share.

Rubber Ducky

I Was doodling this week and thought this little rubber ducky (with it’s bit of a smug smile :D ) deserved a nice painted picture.

Forest Spirit Illustration

Forest Spirit

She’s the spirit of nature and the bringer of life. The mother of the animals and the forest his wife. I Finished this illustration last August. It’s a forest spirit sitting on a mushroom playing with the butterflies which are happily flying around.

Playing Cards

I Was browsing the internet last year when I came across an illustration forum. On the forum there was a monthly (or weekly I don’t remember) challenge where they wrote a little bit of text and members could submit an illustration to match the challenge. The text was something along…

Mieko illustration

Meet Mieko!

I Made this drawing for a monthly challenge on a Dutch forum I visit regularly. The challenge was to create a new character. So I introduce to you, Mieko!

Looking out of the forest

This painting took a lot of preparations before finally getting the result I wanted to get. My main focus was to get a painting in which the atmosphere was the main focus point of the painting. I Took a lot of inspiration from the concept art from Tyrus Wong for…

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