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Forest Animals Playing Cards Watercolor Illustration

I Was browsing the internet last year when I came across an illustration forum. On the forum there was a monthly (or weekly I don’t remember) challenge where they wrote a little bit of text and members could submit an illustration to match the challenge. The text was something along the lines of “When he looked into the forest he saw…” I Thought it was a nice challenge so I packed my backpack and went to a nearby forest for some inspiration. The end result is these three animals playing cards. :)


Playing Cards On Location
On location in the park. This was the place where I went to get inspiration. The foliage is very loosely inspired by the trees and bushes seen in this picture.

Playing Cards Sketch 1
This was the sketch I made on location. It was mainly to get a nice composition for the trees and other foliage. If you look very closely you can see a very faint sketch of animals sitting playing cards. At this point I knew what I wanted to draw but I did not spend much time drawing the characters.

Playing Cards Sketch 2
In the first sketch I made of the characters you can see that I was not sure what kind of animals it would be. I Was even considering to use monsters (you can see that the monster on the right is a rough sketch of Bob from my Marie and Bob illustrations.

Playing Cards Sketch 3
This was my first attempt of getting the animals right. The bunny did not change much after this, nor did the fox. However I was not very happy about the bear on the right. So onto the next sketch!

Playing Cards Sketch 4
This was the last sketch I made for this illustration. Normally I don’t make this many sketches for one illustration but I just was not happy about that bear. I Also moved the fox back a little bit from the tree stump, and I was looking on how to position his tail. In the final illustration I moved him back even more, and drawn his tail next to him.

Finished illustration up close
Finished illustration up close

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