Forest Spirit Illustration

Forest Spirit

Forest Spirit Illustration

She’s the spirit of nature and the bringer of life.
The mother of the animals and the forest his wife.

I Finished this illustration last August. It’s a forest spirit sitting on a mushroom playing with the butterflies which are happily flying around.

The illustration is made with Faber Castell Pitt fine liners and van Gogh watercolors.

Sketches and work in progress

Forest Spirit Sketch 1
This was the first rough sketch I made for this illustration. I Started with just a big mushroom and then started playing with the idea of a forest spirit sitting on top of it.

Forest Spirit Sketch 2
In this second sketch I cleaned up the image from the previous rough sketch. Using a light box to transfer some of the elements I liked and modified things I wanted to change. One of the changes I made in this sketch was the size of the butterflies. In the first sketch these were relatively small. They should had been bigger compared to the size of the forest spirit. I Think I even made them a little bit bigger yet in the final illustration. I Also added some other forest animals and I changed the flowers behind the mushroom to some grass plumes in the foreground.

Forest Spirit Illustration Work In Progress
A Picture of the painting process. Here I have painted most of the illustration, I still needed to paint the hair and her skin as well as the shadow on the mushroom. At this point I thought the background was a little bit empty, so I added some trees. It was a bit of a gamble since I did not knew how it would turn out, but I like them in the end result.

Final image

Forest Spirit - Finished illustration up close
Forest Spirit – Finished illustration up close

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