The optimist

I Made this comic to reflect my own personality. I Can see big troubles down the road but at the same time I try to be hopeful for the future and whatever it might bring me.

Elephants like balloons too!

Made this drawing of an elephant with a red balloon last month. I Tried using only pencil for the outlines of the illustration this time. It turned out ok, the line are a bit more fuzzy than I wanted them to be, maybe I’ll use a bit darker color pencil…

Rabbits watercolor illustration


I Finished this watercolor illustration in December last year. The inspiration for this painting came when I was looking at some art from Tyrus Wong. Tyrus Wong is a American artist who has a Chinese background and this shows in his artworks. I Had also watched a nice example video…

Owl tree

An other illustration I made September last year. Pen and watercolor. I Like how the colors turned out. :)

Summer fun

An other Marie and Bob drawing. I Made this one for last summer. We all know how much fun the summer was when we were kids. Made with pen and water color.

Making of Springtime

In my previous post I showed an illustration I had done earlier this year called “Springtime”. I Thought it would be nice to show a little bit the progress of making my illustrations. The illustration is based on two characters I created earlier last year. The girl is called Marie,…


This is a little painting I made earlier this year, called springtime I wanted to give a nice calm feeling you can get late in the afternoon in spring. Made with pen and water color.

Logo designs

As some of my readers know I love to work on designs. In this post I want to share a few concept logos I have created over the last months. Not all of these end up being used for the products, but I like them anyway. :) Lux This is…

Free television icon

I Wanted a time off from programming, so I made a new icon. Yes it’s also retro styled. ;) Here’s a television!! Archive comes with two variants, one with legs and one without. Both in 512, hdpi, mdpi and ldpi. Click here to download. You may use it in your…

Free floppy disk icon

Here’s my latest icon for you to enjoy. Still in my retro mood, here’s a floppy disk!! Archive comes with a 512, hdpi, mdpi and ldpi variant Click here to download. You may use it in your commercial or non commercial applications or websites. Royalty free! Resale is not permitted.